Welcome to VEERLESCHEUTJENS. An online platform were I share my personal (life)style and likes to track the latest trends in fashion. My name is Veerle Scheutjens, I’m from The Netherlands and I’m also the owner of VEERLESCHEUTJENS.

It all started when I was busy with my education Fashion Design. I wanted to get inspired by others but also wanted to get inspired by myself. That’s why I want to share my ideas on fashion with others. So I started my own blog. While I’m busy with my blog I notice my inspiration is growing, which I think is fantastic and keeps me going. I’m really passionate to grow with VEERLESCHEUTJENS and eventually reach the top. That would be a dream coming true.

Regularly, I’ll post some pictures of my outfits but I’ll also talk about the latest trends in fashion and beauty. Besides that I wish to travel some more and hopefully one day I will.
For now I would like to thank you for reading my blog and hope you get inspired.

With love,

Veerle Scheutjens