The lying sun

Sunday, March 06, 2016

It looks pretty warm with this sun, but it's not. The sun is lying. Besides that the sun is lying, it's also one of my best friends. It gives some light between the darker days and when April begins, the sun starts giving more warmth. When the sun is getting warmer and shining brighter, people get more in the mood. They become happier because a fresh beam of sunshine is a part of what we need in our lives to survive our busy lives.

This big knit looks also looks a bit like the sun. The oversized shape of this knit totally got me, what the sun also does when it's warm. It also gives me warmth. The denim skirt is a musthave for the upcoming season and I'm very happy with it because you can wear it any time. Combining it with a pair of sneaker or over the knee boots. Styling a denim skirt isn't that hard. At last I'm carrying my first designer bag around in combination with this look.

For now I hope that the days are getting warmer and I couldn't be more excited for the summer to begin. Hope you like this outfit guys and love to hear your thoughts about it.

photgraphy by Milou Scheutjens
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4 reacties

  1. This look is really beautiful! I love all of it, specially the sweater!
    Great :-D

  2. Perfect combo! Pretty!

  3. This has to be my favorite outfit! Can’t wait for the new one!

    Diana Cloudlet

  4. Nice outfit !