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Friday, January 15, 2016

When I was making this list the only thing I could think was O M G. Everything is just sooo pretty. I'd really like to travel more often but I don't have the money for that. But if there comes a day that I've got enough money to make these travels, than I'd really like to visit these places. Paris and Berlin aren't on this list because I already visit them once. Also next weekend I will go to Berlin for the second time with my sister for the Zalando #shareyourstyle day. I'm already excited for it!! For now I'd like to share my travel wishlist with you. Which place do you like to visit once?
(ps. the places aren't listed in a particular order)

1. Los Angeles 
When I think of LA the first thing which comes up in my head is, good vibes and Hollywood. 

2. Bali 
A couple of years ago my grandfather and grandmother have been here. When they showed us the breathtaking pictures I thought, I MUST see this once with my own eyes.

3. New York
Do I need to say more? 

4. Dubai
The architecture is gorgeous I think...

5. Reykjavik
My BF is going to Reykjavik in August for half a year for his school. So I said to him, yeah sure babe I will visit you. I think that the landscape is incredible and it's so cool that you can pool in a hot water source. That's an unforgetable thing I think

6. Istanbul
Mmm, I really don't know why.. It's in my head I think.

 7. London
Yeah guys, same for me.. I've never been to London.. Sometimes people talk about this fantastic city and the only thing I can say is: Yes I've never been there. But when I graduate this year (I hope) my mom will take me to this city. So fingers crossed!

8. Maledives
This IS a place where you can re-load yourself and just think about nothing because the only thing you'll see are beautitful white beaches, crystal clear water and green palmtrees.

9. Rome
This city radiates love and antiquity not?

10. Venice
This city seems so cute to me! Those pretty small waters between the houses coneccted with gorgeous romantic stairs. 

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