Photodiary | Berlin with Zalando

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Yay! The diary of the weekend in Berlin with my sister is online. Last september I had won a trip to Berlin from Zalando with posting an outfit on Instagram and using the hashtag #shareyourstyle. In Berlin we would get a photoshoot and get styled by Zalando stylists. Last weekend it finally was so far, the trip to Berlin with my sister!!

We flew really early, to be exact, 08.00 am. So we got early out of our beloved beds and drove to the airport. The flight has gone well and when we arrived in Berlin, we first got some breakfast.

After the check-inn, we did some sightseeing, but we hadn't that much time, because we needed to be at Zalando at 01.00 pm. When we were in Berlin there was a lot of snow. It was really pretty and it looks like a winter wonderland.

Yay! It's time for the ultimate styling/shoot day. We were soooo excited for it. On this picture, the big one, I was acting like I had a camera in my hand (haha) in front of the beloved door where the magic would happen. Where I stept in and met all the sweet people of Zalando, we got our makeup and got styled for the shoot.

Shooting time!! OMG this was such a cool experience. I felt like a real model for a few seconds, unfortunately, I can never make my profession of it with my 1,64 length haha. But it was so much fun. When I receive the pictures, I will post them on my blog. So stay tuned.

And what will you do after a productive day? Right, eating one of our fav food. Pizza.

In the morning, before we needed to go to the airport, we got some breakfast at the same cafe as the day before. The food was really good there as you can see on the picture. Really, the chocolate croissants were delicious. 

For now I'd like to thank Zalando a lot for organising the weekend. We really wouldn't want to miss it. I'm looking forward to receive the result of the photoshoot and can't wait to share it with you guys. 
Hopefully you enjoyed this photodiary and thanks for reading. 

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4 reacties

  1. It looks like you had so much fun, what a cool experience <3


  2. I love your blog! It's a pleasure to read and see! So chic and beauty ! Like your picture, I toke one of them,do you Remember ? Haha hope to see you later !

  3. Ah hoe leuk!! Dat moet vast een hele leuke trip zijn geweest!



  4. looks like you had a lot of fun great post have a great weekend