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Saturday, January 09, 2016

The year 2016 has made his entrance and with a new year, you may have made a list of new year's resolutions. Oh and hey, wasn't that on number two, saving money for your dream bag? Yes I already thought that I saw that, so let me help you with that!

At first I'd like to share my story of getting my first designer dream bag. It all started a few years ago. I worked in a restaurant and having a designer bag was my biggest dream. Till my mom said, why don't you save your tips which you earn in the restaurant? And I actually found that a really great idea, so I've saved the tips which I earned in the restaurant for like 1,5 year. When I had enough money to buy the Louis Vuitton Neverfull (which I had in mind), my sweet mum and I went to Paris to go to the Louis Vuitton store. When we walked in, we were treated like we wear princesses, it was a wonderful experience to never forget. After 'fitting' some other bags, it was clear that the Neverfull was my bag. Now like 4 years later I'm still happy with my bag and I've no regrets that I have bought it. For now the chanel bag 2.55 is on my wishlist, but I'll have to save.

So here are my tips and tricks for getting your designer dream bag

1. At first I think it's very important that you have a job and earing money with it.

2. Save all the extra money you get. For example what I did with my tips which I earned in the restaurant I 've worked in. But also the money which you got at your birthday.

3. Open an extra bank account where you can put your money on. For example, place each month a certain amount on this account.

4. Sell stuff you don't use anymore. Like clothing you never wear or that cabinet which is already standing in the garage for a year.

5. Take every small job in between. Like cleaning your grandma's home or washing your dad's car.

6. Think about everything you want to buy. Do you really need that shirt which is on sale now? When you think mmm maybe, don't buy it than and put the cost amount of the shirt in your money-box for your designer bag.

7. When you like to buy your designer bag, is it always smart to buy a timeless one which you found even beautiful as the day you saw it 10 years ago.

8. Check the sale and the outlets, maybe is your designer bag there for a lower price!

9. You can also check where the bag the most advantageous is. Maybe the bag in paris costs 50 euros cheaper. ( also a perfect excuse to buy your dream bag in another country and a city trip with your mom)

10. When you are on the moment you've saved enough money for you bag, than it's time to go to the store. You also can buy it online but I prefer to go to the store because it's such a magical moment to hold them for the first time in a store like that.

Okay guys, these are my tips for saving money for your dreambag. Hope they will help you!! Which designer bag is on your list?

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5 reacties

  1. Thanks for the tips, love that bag


  2. Such a beautiful bag, so classic, you will never get sick of it ! Great tips as well <3


  3. Gorgeous bag!

  4. Great tips for saving money, enjoy your bag!!