Big scarf, big coat

Sunday, February 14, 2016

The last couple of days were quite cold and windy here. The best way to protect ourselfes against that is layering our clothes and pack ourselfs in with as much as possible and that's exactly what I did with this outfit. Wearing a big coat where I can wrap myself up by useing the rope and putting a big scarf overneath is a perfect protection against the cold wind. Also the gloves are giving me warmth and make this outfit also fashionable because how cool are the studs in the black leather? I'm totally obsessed with them. When I saw them it was love at first sight, and at the moment I'm wearing them a lot.

Underneath the big coat and scarf is a pretty casual look. Layering a classic white blouse with a grey woolen blend jumper is a combination which always works if you ask me. Even if you are going to your family or work, it's always perfect. The boyfriend jeans is just a bit of a obsession of me lately because I'm quite addicted to wear it. It can give a look a total differnt radiation and it's also easy to wear. Combining it with a pair of white sneakers and you are ready to go. For now I hope that you like this outfit and wish you all a happy valentines day!

 Photography by Milou Scheutjens
I was wearing:
Coat: Sissy-Boy
Scarf: Sissy-Boy
Jumper: Mango
Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Boyfriend jeans: Subdued
Sneakers: H&M
Gloves: Sandro

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3 reacties

  1. Hello, I really like this outfit :) This gloves with golden circles are very originals. I like comfortable clothes like this. Also The bag is perfect, complements are a big hit. Kisses from,

  2. Lovely post and happy Valentines to you too