From day to night

Sunday, February 28, 2016

At first I'd like to thank you guys, this week I reached 3K followers on my instagram and I'm so happy that you guys like what I am doing. I definitely will keep going on with this and I've no idea what this brings for me in the future. But for now I enjoy every second of it when I am working on my blog.

So let's talk about this outfit now. This one is a perfect for day and for night, right? The last few weeks were kind of busy (still are) and than it's fine to turn the outfit which you wore in daytime, with a few adjustments, into a night outfit. The skirt is pretty romantic and chic, so in daytime you'd like to wear it a bit more edgy, because otherwise it can be too chic. A blue denim bomber and a pair of black heeled boots make it a perfect outfit to wear in daytime. For turning it into a night outfit, you can swap the black heeled boots for a pair of high heels and you can leave the bomberjacket home. What do you think about this outfit where I'm playing with different styles?

photography by Milou Scheutjens
I was wearing:
Bomber jacket: Costes
Tank top: Supertrash
Skirt: Topshop
Boots: Mango
Bag: Vera Pelle

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6 reacties

  1. This outfit is absolutely wonderful, as always!
    Congrats on 3k followers :) x Alona

  2. loving your bomber jacket
    congrats on 3k :)

  3. You look stunning! I love the skirt together with the boots xx

  4. I Knew you on Instagram and I liked your style!
    Original skirt and amazing combo with the bomber jacket!
    Kisses from,

  5. Great style! love the skirt!