The timeless pieces

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Timeless pieces.. It's always a thing which is hard to buy but you wear it a lot. At least that is with me. I always find it hard to spend money on pieces like that and find it much more fun to shop for statement pieces, but in the end you wear the timeless pieces more often. For example a pair of absolutely gorgeous overknee boots bright red colored, you don't wear them everyday because that's a thing, you don't do that. Also you can only wear them in winter time and not in the summer. But a white blouse for example you can wear the entire year, winter or summer. A white blouse is never boring and it's easy to combine in many ways. In the summer you wear it on a pair of shorts or overneath your bikini if you'd like to grab some food and when it's winter you can layer it with a jumper or wear it casually on a pair of black jeans and a jacket overneath.

The look which I'm wearing now consists out of timeless pieces. A denim jacket, white blouse, off-white jumper and a pair of black jeans. When we are talking about the accessoiries I wear a black quilted bag and leopard printed loafers. All of them are also  timeless pieces if you ask me. You can wear them in the summer and winter and they are also easy to combine. For some reason I found this an interesting look, the denim jacket has a bit of a vintage appearance and the leopard loafers make it a bit more spicy. I think it's well done and perfect for a daytime occasion. Are you also that person which has more fun with buying statement pieces or are you a person who mostly buys timeless pieces?

Photography by Milou Scheutjens
I was wearing:
Denim jacket: Zara,similar here
Jumper: Zara, similar here
Blouse: Ralph Lauren
Black jeans: Sandro
Panter printed loafers: Paul Green, similar here
Sunglasses: Ray Ban round metal

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2 reacties

  1. whenever I go shopping I try to remind myself to invest in good timeless pieces, but before I know it I've spent all my money on Zara haha ^^
    This outfit is so lovely (as always!). I adore that denim jacket! x Alona