Color matching

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

How about color matching in these pictures? Pretty good right? The brown accents match perfectly with the background and the off-white turtleneck is keeping the balance of the color palette in these photos. Like 50% of taking a good photo has to do with the background. When you wear a casual look but photograph it in front of a busy wall or something colorful, the outfit will splash out of it. But I know, it's hard to find the perfect background for your outfit. I also need to deal with it unfortunately. In the area where I live in, we don't have much pretty backgrounds or clean ones. So it's quite hard to find a good one. But I definitely think this one is!

The vibe between the colors of the outfit is just perfect. Like I just said, the off-white top is keeping the balance in the outfit. It catches your attention but I think that the real eye-catcher of the outfit is the tie printed pants. Why? because of the special print and the bit darker color. At last I styled it with a pair of brown colored suede heeled boots and a bag of guess.

I was wearing
off-white turtleneck: Topshop
Pants: Zara
Bag: Guess
Boots: Zara

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  1. Love your hair! Cute look also, Xo, Sophia from

  2. Beautiful photos :)
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