Anthracite mood

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Today was my dad’s birthday and he turned 49, yes he's very young I know haha. Last weekend we had celebrated it for friends and family. Tonight went out for a dinner for my dad's birthday with the family and it was so cozy. It doesn't happen very often that we eat together because we're all so busy.
It's always nice to eat together and tell stories to each other. I enjoyed every second of it. 

Last weekend my sister and I also shot this outfit. On the background you can see the beautiful autumn colors and leaves that have fallen. Autumn isn't my favorite season because it's always rainy and cloudy here, but the colors of nature are absolutely beautiful!

 During that day I wore this anthracite outfit combined with some leather. It's quite casual but when you touch it up with some special fabrics, like leather, than it's not boring at all. With things like this , it's vey important that you have a eye catch in your outfit that makes it special. And that's what these leather shorts do with this outfit. The cardigan and top are quite simple, but the leather shorts make the outfit more interesting. To give a little bit more color to this outfit, I wore a burgundy bag. It matches perfect with the anthracite and the autumn colors in the background. What do you think?

I was wearing
Cardigan: similar
Top: supertrash
Leather short: costes
Boots: supertrash
Bag: similar

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