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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Last friday I told you that we would celebrate my dad's birthday this weekend. So last night and today we had friends and family over, it was very nice to see eachother again after a long time. Also my cute little nieces were here and we've played the whole day and I enjoyed every second of it. At this moment I'm tired
after a weekend full of party so I think I'm not going to sleep late tonight. Tomorrow is my last week of internship before a week of vacation. I'm glad that it's almost vacation because then I can recharge myself after a couple of busy weeks. But for now I want to share this outfit with you.

This outfit is perfect for the cold autumn wheather what we have in Holland right now. Just because it’s a cold autumn here doesn't mean your daily fashion picks have to suffer, right? A few weeks back I found this great wool knit maxi dress from Costes. I really love the anthracene color of the dress, it gaves me a warm feeling during this cold autumn days. That's also the reason why I took the picture in front of our wood supply. To get that warm and cozy feeling what the dress also radiates. To finish this look I wore a couple of black heeled boots that are quite simple but perfect to were underneath a long knitted dress. I also wore a hat to make the look more special and gave this fenimine look a little kick. This outfit is perfect for this autumn weather. What do you think lovelies?

I was wearing
Dress: costes
Shoes: similar here
Hat: h&m
Western belt: topshop

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