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Thursday, December 10, 2015


And the holiday season is almost on! Time to get your outfit ready. It's always hard to find the perfect party pieces, so I thought that it would be fun to share a couple of my ideas with you. So I went on reseach by three of my favorite affordable webshops, ASOS, Zara and mango. I´d like to start with the finds at ASOS. The metallic wrap skirt is defenitely an eyecatcher, I love that it's a midi skirt and it still has sexyness. The second one is a lace dress with flare sleeves. A real trend at the moment are flare jeans, so why don't you were a dress with flare sleeves? The second thing I like is, lace. Yes, I'm a sucker for lace, haha. As third, what's a perfect party dress without a pair of perfect party shoes? Stop looking any further, you've found them. These pieces are perfect, they have a lot of sparkle and you can wear them the entire day and evening whitout getting your feet hurt, because the heel isn't that high. The burgundy colored jumpsuit is definitely a holiday color. I really like that the back has an open split, it's all about the sexyness.


These items from Zara are may be reserved for more women. Zara has a lot of wearable party pieces and there is choice for everyone. The dress on the left is perfect for the holidays. You can aslo wear a jacket overneath when you've got cold. The playsuit is a bit more girly and has also something edgy I think. And what about this gorgeous paillet blouse? Perfect to wear a pair of trousers or a skirt underneath. When you wear pieces like this, your defenitely the classiest women of the evening!


And last but not least, the party pieces from Mango. Mango has a lot of long dresses at the moment but I'm not a big fan of it during the holidays. So picked out this gorgeous long grey jumpsuit with a sparkling colar. And what about this beautiful sparkling cape? Wow, I think I'm in love with this piece. You can bring a simple LBD to another level when you put this overneath. And to conclude, a simple black lace dress, which is always perfect.

Are you also getting into the holiday mood when you see all those sparkling and lace pieces? At this moment I'm not totatlly sure about what I'm wearing with the holidays, but these items definitely gave me some inspiration. You also? What do you think about these party pieces? And do you also know what you're going to wear during the holidays?

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  1. Hi Veerle !!
    You really understand of style !!
    I love the post !!


  2. These party essentials are absolutely gorgeous! Love your selection!
    Fashion Soup

  3. beautiful ideas

  4. Love these pieces.

  5. The dresses are really awesome!:)


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  7. Gorgeous picks!

  8. Nice selection :)


  9. Love the black lace one! Thanks for sharing some idea! x


  10. I love wearing sequin in christmas party
    This looks perfect for a holiday party,

    The Bandwagon Chic | Instagram | Bloglovin | Snapchat: bandwagonchic

  11. All of these pieces you picked are absolutely perfect, so festive! I really like that black lace dress. So pretty!