10 things | What to do when it’s cold outsitde (and it's almost Christmas)

Wednesday, December 02, 2015

When it’s cold outside you'd like to be inside the entire day. The holidays and the vacation are also just around the corner, so what to do when it’s cold outside and it's almost Christmas. This is the first time for me to make such a list but I'd like to do it more often. The list below is what I like to do when it’s cold outside, hope you enjoy it :). If you have other recommendations, please tell me! 

1. Bake an apple pie
Okay, I think I don’t need to explain this one, because there’s always a reason to bake an apple pie. Also you can relish a bit of the dough (oopss)

     2. Watch netflix
Good excuse to lay down underneath a plaid and repeat all the episodes of Pretty Little Liars, because we love that serie so much and can’t get enough of it.

     3. Watch make-up tutorials
Best way to practice and figure out which make-up you like to wear for the holidays. (we all like to have a nice make-up during the holidays right?)

    4. Doing what we do the best, online shopping!
The sale is almost there, so check out your favorite online shops and put everything you like in your cart or wishlist.

    5. Assemble outfits for the holidays
At this moment you’ve all the time to figure out what you like to wear for the holidays and thinking how you'd like to combine it.

   6. Cinema time!
Hunker down against your love one in the cinema or go to a hilarious comedy with a friend(s). Fun guaranteed!

  7. Have a lovely high-tea
Perfect way to chat with your friend(s) about your new bag or boys. And the food is also de-li-cious.

  8. Start your own blog/vlog!
Always wanted to have your own blog/vlog but never took real action? Start now! At this moment it’s cold outside so you like to be inside, so it’s the perfect moment to work on it. Also the vacation is just around the corner so even more extra time.

  9. Watch DIY tutorials and try them out
Always fun to try out some new things. For example turn your old sweater into a hip new one. It also saves a lot of money!

10. Clean your closet
I think everyone has a couple of garments which you never wear anymore. Perfect moment to take your clothes for the camera and take a picture of it to sell them on the internet. Win/win situation. Someone else is happy with it, your closet is cleaned up and a bit of extra money for new Christmas clothes.

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  1. Love this post dear,

  2. This is such a great list, really gets me in the holiday spirit too!


  3. Great post :) Amazing photos :)

  4. Oh, you gave me so many great ideas! :) Can't wait to bake an apple pie, actually :) Thanks for sharing!
    Check out my blog if you want: www.theglamandglitter.com

    Tamara xxx

  5. There is some really great ideas!

  6. Great list


  7. I always wanted to bake an apple pie they smell so good :)