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Thursday, December 17, 2015

This year's days are counting down, it's almost 2016. These photo's show exactly what I've done this year. I followed the rail, my passion and feelings. I always read fashionblogs of other people and always thought, would I also be able to do this? It seems like a dream to me, being surrounded with fashion the entire time and I've met people who also have the same interest. So last August I thought, should I? Should I do this? But if I start, what would people think of me and would people like it? With all these thoughts in my head I started with sharing my outfits on instagram.

In the beginning, I was affraid what people should think of me, but quickly I got lots of nice comments from people around me. VEERLESCHEUTJENS was born. At this moment I'm very thankfull of all the people who read my blog and I hope that I keep inspiring you, so let's make VEERLESCHEUTJENS big, toghether.  Leave a comment underneath a blogpost if you want and with a blogsite if you have one and I will visit it with big love. The thing that I'm trying to say with this story is, follow your dream, just do it! Don't think a day longer, start today.

But for now I think I've talked enough. Enjoy the photos below and hope you like it. So what is your biggest dream? Like to hear it from you.

I was wearing
Jumper: H&M, but I also like
Blouse: Vero Moda
Jeans: Zara
Boots: Zara, similar here

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8 reacties

  1. I love this look ! Mustard look so amazing on you especially with that lipstick <3


  2. Dear, I follow you now. #9
    Love your blog.


  3. Hello from Spain: great pics and fabulous look. I just discovered your blog and I like the variety of topics that you write. Fashion and beauty are my hobbies with my Barbie doll collection. Right now I have a blog dedicated to those dolls that I invite you to visit: If you want we keep in touch. I already made me a follower of your blog.

  4. This post is written so beautifully. I'm so happy to hear that you followed (and still following) your dreams :) Hope your blog keeps growing and growing! You definitely deserve it.

    x Alona

  5. You look really pretty!

    New post on my blog --->

  6. You look so stunning.would you like to follow each other on Google Friend connect and google +?
    let me know if you follow me and i will follow you back.


  7. Wonderful and perfect! I follow you blog #12, please follow me too.