Life in pink

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Pink really is one of my favorite colors.. The color radiates something soft, feminine, chic and girly. It also has something powerful, just like deep pink. That's why I think it's my favorite color, because you can finish it in so many ways. This time I wanted to radiate something soft and powerful with pink. 

The soft side of this outfit is the color combination. Underneath my coat I wore a off-white t-shirt and the jeans is light grey colored. Also my make-up is soft and I'm wearing a light pink lipstick which is from maybelline. The more powerful side is the printed tiger head on my shirt. I've found this shirt a couple of years ago by H&M and I still love it.. You can combine it in so many ways. You can wear it, for example, on a lace skirt for the night but also on a pair of blue jeans in daytime. Further, I wore a couple of black boots from supertrash. And I love them sooo much. These shoes are really made for walking. They're beautiful, cool, walk fantastic and give every outfit something extra.

I was wearing
Coat: The sting
Boots: Supertrash

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