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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Last week I received an email from Sarah, she is known from the Triangl brand. When I saw that I've had an email from triangle, my fashionheart was beating. I know this brand for a longtime now but didn’t order a bikini of them before. Till last week, when I was able to choose one, I was so happy when I read that. They’ve got a lot of beautiful bikinis, so it was hard to make a choise. My eye fell on the ‘Brigitte - American girl’ bikini. This bikini is made of look-a-like dark and light pieces of denim. Besides that the bikini decorated with some crocheted pieces, which is so beautiful. The only thing I need now is a beach and hot sunny weather. Can’t wait to wear it.

Triangl is a brand in the fashionindustry since 2011 and is located in Australia. Typical traingl things are:
  • It's dry in no-time
  • It's made of neoprene (also used for wetsuits)
  • You can only buy it online by Triangl
  • The bikini fits perfectly
  • You can recognized it at the geometric designs, crispy colors and the smooth lines
Hope you like this bikini as much as I do! If you have any questions, ask me! The unboxing pictures of the bikini are shown below.

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4 reacties

  1. Love this bikini! The blue is beautiful


  2. Wow, I love it so much! I love the details, and the fit, and everything is just .. awesome, haha.

  3. Wauw, wat een vet leuke bikini! Trouwens, je blog is echt super! :) X Minale