Photo diary: Designer Outlet Heaven

Friday, November 27, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, a blogger which I have been following for a while, had a giveaway to go shopping with her and another winner in Designer Outlet Roermond. A few days later I received a message that I've won the price! I've never been in a designer outlet before so it was my first time. And it was like fashionheaven right there. Burberry, Prada, Dolce&Gabanna, Sandro and many more shops were there to find.

Firstly we had a delicious lunch at La place .  After the lunch we discoverd the outlet and went to several shops to find our #perfectpresent. The holidays are arriving so we had the oppertunity to buy something for our loved ones or a gift for ourselfs. And after thinking very long (no that's a joke haha) we liked to buy ourself a gift. At some shops we got a little present like a nailpolish or a tube of handcream. We also went to Sandro were I found my #perfectpresent.

When I saw this dress I thought: this is it. I just saw a few other things in the Sandro store which I really liked and tried on, but the dress totally got me.

The dress is made of a fine knit and there is 'another' dress knit in. Which is so cool. The dress fits perfectly to your body and the bottom is pleated. You can find a zipper at the back to put the dress on and off. I also love the burgundy with black color combination, it has something chique but also a little bit girly. I think the dress would be perfect for the holidays or a party. Do you also like this dress as much as I do?

After a long shopping day, the online thing you want to do is relaxing and thinking about how to combine your new stuff. And that's exactly what we could do because we were picked-up by a Fashion Taxi and he brought as to the train station. But before we stept in, we had to take a picture in front of this fashionable taxi.

I think the three of us could say that it was an amazing day and I enjoyed every second of it. So thanks again Iris for taking me with you to the Designer Outlet heaven. At designer outlet Roermond there is something for everyone. You can find some budget-friendly shops like, scotch&soda, supertrash, nike, L'óreal and many more. In the top of this post I told you which some more expensive brands they've got. So when you like to go for a day out with a friend(s) or with your mum (or with other people) I think Roermond outlet is the perfect place.

ps. The sale starts 4 december. The ultimate oppertunity to buy your xmas presents.

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  1. Amazing post dear! You have a wonderful blog:)
    What about following each other on Instagram, Bloglovin, Twitter?.. :)

  2. Wow! It really seems like an awesome day! Your pictures are amazing! like a perfect Christmas story!!!!
    All of you look so cute! that Sandro dress pff!!!!!! like a dream come true!