Strolling into the cold

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The best way to keep yourself warm during the cold days is wearing some warm knit wear. Winter season hasn't arrived yet but the cold weather is coming in slowly. Honestly, winter isn't my favorite season. It's so cold outside and when you want to go to bed for some sleep, you first need to warm up your bed. But besides all those things, the warm knit wear and especially the holiday season makes up for it. What do you guys think about the winter season? Do you love it or don't you like the cold?

When I saw this pair of trousers I thought, what a cool design. Sometimes you see this kind of prints on neckties, but this time on a pair of trousers. When you roll the botttom up, you see some yellow stripes which are from the inside. That's why I added a yellow knitted jumper to it. Also to make the outfit some more colorfull, but it matches perfect with the print on the trousers, which is also quite chique. To make it a bit more sporty I wore a pair of white sneakers. What do you think about it?

        Photography by Milou Scheutjens

Jumper: H&M, similar
Pants: zara
Shoes: H&M
Bag: DKNY, similar

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5 reacties

  1. Lovely color!!


  2. your yellow sweater is so cute, love this look

  3. It's a great look perfectly in tune with the beck ground
    I love you blog.
    Please check my last post blog
    Many kisses
    Lady Fur

  4. Such a great color combo! I really like those pants too :)
    xx Elle

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  5. I don't like winter season too, but it's great that we can wear layering sets when it's cold. Cool sweter and you look lovely in this color, awesome outfit!:)